Like a remarkable host, the ESTER collection perfectly plays the part of making guests feel luxuriously comfortable as they wine and dine at the upscale LAGO restaurant.

From its unique gastronomical fare to its Italian-inspired interior design and spectacular views, every single detail at the LAGO restaurant in the famous Bellagio Resort & Casinò leaves a memorable impression. The elegant ESTER chairs and armchairs, designed by Patrick Jouin for Pedrali prove to be the perfect fit, gracefully uplifting the upscale furnishing concept of this fine dining establishment.

LAGO, which is owned and operated by Michelin-starred Chef Julian Serrano appointed Alessandro Munge, principal of Studio Munge to create a unique new signature for his very first Italian restaurant. Taking cue from Italian Futurism of the early twentieth century, the architect successfully turned the restaurant’s interior into a sophisticated and original space that pays tribute to the Italian historical journey of style, art and fashion.

Featuring six well-composed areas including the Bar Lounge, the Open Private Dining Area, the Bar, the Main Dining Room with dramatic arched windows, the Private Dining Room and a Patio that welcomes outdoor dining, each of these spaces have its own elegant yet surprising furnishing elements – one of them is notably, the ESTER collection, standing out yet blending in with its exceptional ergonomics and fashionable functionality.

ESTER is definitely a splendid choice for LAGO’s main dining room. A product of excellent craftsmanship, ESTER emerges as a striking upholstered leather seating supported by refined legs in die-casted aluminium. Upholstery in beige and brown was chosen for an earthy, sensual visual appeal. To further elevate ESTER’s comfort factor, the seat incorporates polyurethane foam with elastic belts, ensuring a lush and luxurious seated experience as guests wine and dine the night away.

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