Almost five decades later, the statement-making Olimpino table by Ico Parisi still mesmerizes with its unforgettable and intricate details, exquisitely designed for a lasting impression.

Originally designed by Sicilian architect and designer, Ico Parisi in 1955 for a luxury villa that overlooks Lake Como, the Olimpino table has now been given a reissue to become part of the Cassina I Maestri Collection.

Instantaneously recognizable by its bold appearance, the Olimpino table comprises a monolithic tempered glass tabletop held by articulated metal tubular legs. Its two pairs of metals legs are designed with a Y-shaped structure where internal upper arms converge to join under the top and the external arms diverge to hold and elegantly support it. To strengthen the legs, a double crossbar is set across the central axis to form a double V shape. Arrow-shaped wooden feet contrast beautifully with the slender metal legs and crossbar while serving as a finishing touch to give the entire table a sculptural aesthetic.

“In the dynamism of its structure, this table also references nature. The arrow-like wooden feet seem to burrow down into the floor, giving warmth to its metal structure that would otherwise be quite cold. The complexity of the overall design of the table therefore recalls the great paintings of the Italian avant-garde artists and is, for all intents and purposes, a work of art in itself,” Cassina remarks in their design statement.

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