In a fitting homage to the newly-refurbished Intercontinental Bangkok, Royal Thai, in collaboration with P49 Deesign, rolled out a bespoke collection of applause-eliciting luxury hospitality carpets to adorn its floors.

In the realm of luxury hospitality design, where the mission is to engage and wow patrons from the moment they walk through the entrance, every detail contributes to an unforgettable experience. And what better way to achieve this than by designing the surface they step onto?

Royal Thai has been weaving a legacy of luxury for five decades, adorning prestigious hospitality venues across the continents with its sumptuous Axminster carpets and hand-tufted rugs. A family enterprise, the company’s ethos transcends mere artisanship: it is a commitment to be a creative force for good.

Taking inspiration from art, fashion, and architecture, Royal Thai carpets are a melding of cultures and disciplines. The carpets are unfurled in canvases of colours, patterns and textures, not merely adorning floors, but narrating stories, and infusing spaces with unparalleled sophistication.

While professionalism and excellence form the warp and woof of the company’s corporate identity, it is the successfully implemented collaboration that gets to the heartbeat of the company, breathing life into its culture, and testifying to the belief that collaborative creativity trumps a solitary perspective.

So, when Royal Thai was commissioned to design and supply a custom carpet solution for the floors of the Intercontinental Bangkok in its year-long makeover project, it did not miss a beat in teaming up with P49 Deesign, a reputable design consultancy specializing in the interior design of hotels and resorts around the world.

P49 Deesign’s approach was a delicate balance between contemporary innovation and homage to Thailand’s rich cultural tapestry. Beset with budget fluctuations during the Covid pandemic, the renovation posed unique challenges.

However, it is within this compelling narrative that the collaboration with Royal Thai has emerged as an exemplar of artistic inspiration. It helped that the carpet manufacturer has a knack for delivering quality products within fair and reasonable cost parameters.

When all is said and done, the synergy between the P49 Deesign team and Royal Thai artisans has been pivotal in transforming initial carpet concepts into a veritable feast for the eyes, with Thailand’s cultural DNA deftly woven into the very fabric of Intercontinental Bangkok’s renovated splendour.

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