Trio invites you to revel in comfort’s ultimate bliss, where a perfect blend of function and beauty come together to create a haven of serenity and delight.

Style and substance are the hallmarks of the remarkable Trio collection. As an iconic piece for five decades, Trio has been effortlessly accommodating the evolving lifestyles of its patrons – and it’s easy to see why. Trio’s charm lies in its simplistic yet refined design, boasting clean lines and a sleek form, culminating in a purposefully minimalist aesthetic accentuated by its double outer seam. Today, this awe-striking collection has seamlessly found a place in an array of settings worldwide, including but not limited to architect offices, private clinics, and corporate waiting areas.

In celebration of Trio’s 50th anniversary, nine vibrant sofas will grace a temporary roadshow via COR distribution partners across Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. To mark this milestone, Trio will feature COR’s exclusively designed upholstery fabric reminiscent of the legendary COR fleece fabric of the ’70s. This deep-pile, hard-wearing woven fabric comprises chenille yarn and is imbued with a soft and airy volume, resulting in a plush cover brimming with modern vintage charm. The upholstery fabric comes in various colours, including muted natural shades, classic greys, bold brass yellow, glacier blue, petrol, deep pine green, and pastel mauve.

“Trio represents a youthful and carefree attitude to life,” explained Leo Lübke, COR’s Managing Partner. “One and the same set of modules can be used to create all kinds of different living worlds on a whim.”

No matter where Trio is, it is immediately at home – it’s a perfect fit for guest rooms, studios, holiday apartments, or hotels. Thanks to its flexible configuration, it’s a breeze to configure its three basic modules – the seat element, backrest, and armrest – into a chair, a comfortable lounge landscape, or a sofa bed. Trio also owes its adaptability and spontaneity to its flexible backrest. For many who have experienced Trio, every moment spent lounging becomes an indulgent experience within the plush depths of luxurious comfort.

But that’s not all to this versatile piece. In 2018, Trio made its debut as a sofa bed, and it’s been a game-changer since then. The generously sized seat elements are easily lifted to reveal sleeping areas for singles or pairs with premium-quality cold foam mattresses. With Trio, you can now experience the ultimate in comfort and functionality without compromising on style.

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