A dazzling tribute to the universe’s vast expanse, the customisable Raw Crystal is an orchestration of celestial elegance, a cosmic waltz captured in crystalline splendour.

Be transported into a universe of celestial wonder with Raw Crystal, Preciosa Lighting’s latest lighting design concept in its customisable Signature Design portfolio. Not just lighting fixtures, the customised options are iconic masterpieces meticulously crafted to reflect the magnificence of the universe. Inspired by the cosmos’ vastness, Raw Crystal encapsulates the dance of stars and shadows, creating a scintillating serenity that beckons the soul.

Crafted from the finest Bohemian crystal, each component is a testament to artistry, bearing the hallmark of Preciosa’s patented production process. These crystals, seemingly suspended in space, defy gravity, intertwining as if guided by the cosmos itself, giving the appearance of celestial bodies captured in luminescence.

“Raw Crystal embodies the essence of Bohemian crystal—infusing elegance with raw, authentic elements,” explains Michael Vasku, Co-Creative Director of Preciosa Lighting. “We sought to merge the sophistication of crystal with the pure essence of handcrafted artistry, birthing a truly unique aesthetic.”

The allure of Raw Crystal lies not just in its visual appeal but in its ability to evoke emotions. Its design, a harmonious blend of structured lines and free-floating elements, engenders a sense of expansion, as if the crystals are alive and breathing within the space they adorn.

Versatility is the hallmark of Raw Crystal. Available in four sizes and hues—crystal, dust, Darjeeling, and amber—it seamlessly adapts to any interior. Whether it graces intimate corners or commands attention in grand installations, Raw Crystal radiates refined grandeur.

Its adaptability extends to lighting effects—a marriage of technology and artistry. The LED diffuser injects life into the crystal, enhancing its inherent sparkle. Dynamic or passing light options add depth and emotion, transforming Raw Crystal into a functional yet spell-binding piece. It’s not merely a light source; it’s an experience.

Clearly, this lighting marvel illuminates not just a space but the very essence of any design narrative. With Raw Crystal, Preciosa Lighting invites you to embrace the cosmos within your interiors.


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