With its flexible design created for a world of possibilities, the Conseta sofa system makes customized comfort an everyday reality.

A holistic sofa system that is simple yet incredibly versatile, Conseta is a pioneering upholstery system designed by renowned furniture designer, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller. Its name is derived from the Latin phrase “sitting together” to represent the sofa’s streamlined and flexible modular design.

According to COR, Conseta is more than a sofa system as it can also serve as an accoutrement to meet any interior specifications. “Conseta is not only a sofa programme but also an add-on programme offering countless possibilities. Elements of different shapes and sizes combined with a choice of armrests give plenty of scopes to explore configurations to fit every room,” COR states, adding that a myriad of armrest options as well as a selection of cushion choices enable a wide range of design solutions.

Right from the start when it was first conceived in the 60s, Conseta is designed to be an eternally timeless piece so that new additions to the modular system would continuously serve to improve and evolve it. For instance, when you pair a new square upholstery element to the sofa, a new combination emerges, turning Conseta into a cosy lounger that is contemporary and classic at the same time.

There is also the option to include footrests or an adjustable headrest to make the sofa a better fit for your lifestyle. If you still need more customization, COR can accommodate a diverse range of special requests from specific measurements to unique fittings that do not come with a standard Conseta. In a nutshell, when it comes to Conseta, anything is possible.