Designed as an ensemble of repetitive angular shapes, BAND’s strong lines and angular appeal breathe new life into spaces with a profound touch.

BAND is a chair that designers would love: it’s versatile, attractive and completely outstanding. Designed by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola for Kettal, BAND expresses an extraordinary concept based on a deconstruction perspective. “The idea behind the BAND collection is the breakdown of structure. An object designed using an ensemble of pieces,” says the designer, adding that the chair’s design intentionally challenges the classic sophisticated lines of furniture design and becomes something schematic, like a conceptual programme.

Comprising a dining chair and a club armchair, BAND’s versatility means it can fit into just about any space, while its unique profile provides a strong focal point anywhere it is placed. The chair may be conceived from a deconstructive point of view, but Urquiola has put it together so meticulously that it is as ergonomically proportioned as it is aesthetically pleasant to the eye. Featuring a series of repetitive angular shapes that make up its structural frame, BAND emphasizes its raw materials – the chair can be formed entirely of aluminium or teak wood along with Terrain Fabrics.

BAND’s solid form would appear somewhat bulky, but this chair simply works to effectively balance out plusher features in a room. For instance, when the club armchair is set next to an ultra-cosy sofa that you can sink into or placed over lush carpeting that cocoons your feet, BAND juxtaposes against contrasting forms around it with a refreshing appeal. Different variations of legs, height and upholstery allow the chair to complement various settings further.

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