The rejuvenation of Le Bambole brings together a harmonious interplay of soft, sensual curves and whimsical tactile pleasures via a new range of enthralling yet sustainable materials.

For over half a century, Le Bambole by Mario Bellini has been an iconic B&B Italia collection renowned for its unique design and sensual form. In 2022, this impressive seating range features an evolved aesthetic from its original design while emphasising generous curves and an impeccable feminine presence.

Taking inspiration from its predecessors’ fundamental elements – the Bambola armchair, the Bambola two-seater couch, and the Bamboletto double bed – the new range presents a series of new components to address today’s new demands for comfort. The original three-seater sofa has also been revamped with a deeper seat and comes with a matching name: the Granbambola.

The new edition features a new generation of materials, including a metal structure embedded in polyurethane, while recycled polyethylene is used for its delicate form. Additionally, the seating’s geometry is defined by polyurethane foam and thermoplastic elastomers concealed by an undercover made of recycled PET to ensure total comfort. Thanks to these elements, every piece in the new Le Bambole collection can be totally disassembled and recycled with ease.

In terms of upholstery, the renewal of Le Bambole is complemented by a new range of fabrics comprising intriguing tones and textures. Sila, a new sablé fabric that comes in eight colours, offers a pleasingly asymmetrical, three-dimensional structure that conceals its orthogonal impact of the warp and weft, giving rise to natural and spontaneous surfaces.

The Manila fabric is another fascinating new addition. It has a dreamy and whimsical floral print with a traditional vibe expressed using huge roses to create an unusual contrast. Apart from this, Le Bambole can also be covered in luxurious Kasia leather, a full-grain leather that is incredibly supple and natural. With these exquisite materials, each Bambola appears even more opulent and sophisticated as touch and sight are equally refined.

Photo Credits: Lifestyle images – Tommaso Sartori

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