Inspired by the natural beauty of Salento’s landscapes, Litos infuses the wonder of nature into interior spaces with its organic design.

Featuring beautiful curves and plush upholstery, the Litos sofa gracefully brings a touch of nature into interior spaces. This immensely comfortable seating piece by German designer Sebastian Herkner is inspired by the rocky coastline of Salento in Southern Italy, known to be a haven for sea lovers.

“I was travelling two years ago (when it was possible to travel) to the South of Italy. I was enjoying the landscapes where there were trulli, rounded houses which are popular for their shapes. Then you have these beautiful beaches, which are completely different from other areas with their big round stones,” Herkner says in an interview hosted by Cappellini. “That’s the inspiration to create a modular sofa, a simple sofa, but with a roundness and an organic shape. I think, especially now with the Covid situation, nature is missing at home. Litos brings that back to our spaces.”

Designed as a casual yet inviting piece that beckons rest and relaxation, Litos is endowed with voluptuous seats that blossom into a curvy, cosy frame reminiscence of Salento’s dramatic cliffs. Its low back exudes a laid-back vibe, snugly cocooning the rounded seats. As a tribute to the sea in Salento, Litos presents a pleasant palette of earthy, nature-inspired tones.

While Litos is available as a standalone piece, this sofa also comes with a series of modular components to offer a variety of configurations. Additionally, the sofa provides the option of a single armrest or without armrests. The sofa’s structure, made of wood conglomerate and pine plywood, ensures a solid and sturdy profile.

With its contemporary aesthetic and versatile modules, Litos is ideal for lounges, social spaces, and private rooms in hospitality settings. Removable covers and a selection of exciting fabric and leather collections add to Litos’ customisable design, which can be further accessorised with free cushions to create a highly personalised sofa. In 2021, Litos presents a collection of new seating elements, which opens up more configuration possibilities to create a highly adaptable seating piece for modern interiors. (Exclusive Partner in Malaysia)

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