The possibilities are almost endless with Dock, designed with a versatile platform that welcomes a variety of configurations to fulfil even the most diverse lifestyle requirements.

Imagine finding your safe harbour and immersing in the peace of your comfort zone. That’s how designer Piero Lissoni envisioned the new upholstered Dock sofa system. “After spending some time on Dock, you can leave the port and set sail for unfamiliar places, rested, and refreshed,” says Lissoni.

Made exclusively for B&B Italia, Dock’s prime element is its dynamic solid platform which forms the base of the sofa. The wood base can be raised up with supporting metal legs or placed directly on the floor like an Oriental divan. Designed as a versatile modular system, the platform is meant to accommodate a series of components including armrests and cushions, as well as other accessories such as tables and trays to generate different sofa configurations.

As the cushions come in a variety of sizes and proportions, there are many design possibilities with Dock – for example, the sofa can act as a chaise longue or turned into a minimalist piece without backrests for the centre of the room. To further personalize the sofa’s landscape, complementary elements like comfortable padded armrests can be placed between the seat cushions. A transparent or smoked glass oval table can also be added to the users’ preferred arrangement to complement the visual rhythm of the sofa.

Offering a classic and luxurious appearance, the armrests and seat cushions are upholstered in fabric or leather and come with tone-on-tone stitching. Two new fabrics have also been designed specifically for the sofa.